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Here are some of our family action shots.  We’d love to post your family action vacation photos – please send via e-mail so we can add them to our collection on our


Some photos of our Sun & Slope Womens Bike Ride on the Dakota and Luce Line Trails, on a beautiful May 18, 2011 afternoon.  Thanks to all who participated!

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Exerpt from email and photos received from former Mound resident and Le Ski Hut customer, Joan Borg Olbrantz (whatever happened to planned obsolescence?):  Hi Jim! My sister-in-law mentioned to me recently that you opened a new store in Wayzata. That’s great! She also said I should send you a couple pictures I sent her recently.  I was ski-touring around Trilliam Lake on Mt. Hood, Oregon, this winter with my dog Chester using my same old skis and poles I got at Ski Hut sometime in the ’70s! They still work just fine for me 30+ years later!! (I did have to get new boots at some point however!)  Hope your new shop goes gang-busters for you! I’ll try and stop in next time I’m in MN.

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Shots from Co-ed Bike Ride on a perfect Saturday afternoon (June 4) from Wayzata to Bayside in Excelsior

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The Sun & Slope Stand Up Paddle Demo at Wayzata Beach on July 27–great group!

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And the grandkids continue to grow–shots over the winter of 2011/12

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Granddaughters Ellie and Cady, and Granddog Moose, with dad Eric, atop Colorado’s Mount Sherman (14,036), the girls and Moose’s first fourteener, June 23, 2012.  The first of many to follow!

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Still more family candids from winter 2012/13, locations Bozeman MT area, Mary Jane in CO, and the incomparable Gould, CO Family Ski Scramble celebration.

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Late winter 2014 platform tennis evening with the S & S staff.
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The girls of the lake: last day of school, spring 2014, in their Lake Girl and Vineyard Vines baseball hats for summer.
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June 30 2014 Sun & Slope Stand Up Paddle Demo at Wayzata Beach with Wai Nani Surf and Paddle. Wai Nani Surf & Paddle owner Holly Evans is wearing the Ganset Swim Dress by Carve.
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Amy Martin and daughter Milliana, Little Miss North Star Princess, outfitted by Sun & Slope for Sparkle Night 2015 at Twins Stadium
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