Staff Picks

Kim's Pick Canada-Goose

Down parkas

Why Kim Likes it:

Warm, really warm, and tough for our MInnesota winters

Robin's Pick Alp-N-Rock-Display-Rack

Why Robin Likes it:

New styles every year, always a customer favorite. Super comfortable!

Melissa's Pick Astis-Mitts-for-men-and-women

Why Melissa Likes it:

Warmest mitt on the planet, hand-beaded and made in USA. Beautiful--and waterproof!

Sharon's Pick

Why Sharon Likes it:

Classic cute and stylish--who doesn't love Patagonia

Melissa's Pick

Why Melissa Likes it:

Perfect for cabin, boat, deck--think Mothers Day!

Robin's Pick Chandler-4-Corners-Pillows

Chandler Pillows in a wide variety of designs. Great for gifts!

Why Robin Likes it:

Great for gifts, in a wide variety of designs

Melissa's Pick Recycled-Sailcloth-Wine-Bags

Wine bags made from recycled sails, from Boathouse Bags and Sea Bags

Why Melissa Likes it:

Great gift items in a variety of designs!

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