Customers In Action

Here are some of our family action shots.  We’d love to post your family action vacation photos – please send via e-mail so we can add them to our collection on our

Some photos of our Sun & Slope Womens Bike Ride on the Dakota and Luce Line Trails, on a beautiful May 18, 2011 afternoon.  Thanks to all who participated!

Exerpt from email and photos received from former Mound resident and Le Ski Hut customer, Joan Borg Olbrantz (whatever happened to planned obsolescence?):  Hi Jim! My sister-in-law mentioned to me recently that you opened a new store in Wayzata. That’s great! She also said I should send you a couple pictures I sent her recently.  I was ski-touring around Trilliam Lake on Mt. Hood, Oregon, this winter with my dog Chester using my same old skis and poles I got at Ski Hut sometime in the ’70s! They still work just fine for me 30+ years later!! (I did have to get new boots at some point however!)  Hope your new shop goes gang-busters for you! I’ll try and stop in next time I’m in MN.

Shots from Co-ed Bike Ride on a perfect Saturday afternoon (June 4) from Wayzata to Bayside in Excelsior


The Sun & Slope Stand Up Paddle Demo at Wayzata Beach on July 27–great group!

And the grandkids continue to grow–shots over the winter of 2011/12


Granddaughters Ellie and Cady, and Granddog Moose, with dad Eric, atop Colorado’s Mount Sherman (14,036), the girls and Moose’s first fourteener, June 23, 2012.  The first of many to follow!

Still more family candids from winter 2012/13, locations Bozeman MT area, Mary Jane in CO, and the incomparable Gould, CO Family Ski Scramble celebration.

Late winter 2014 platform tennis evening with the S & S staff.

The girls of the lake: last day of school, spring 2014, in their Lake Girl and Vineyard Vines baseball hats for summer.

June 30 2014 Sun & Slope Stand Up Paddle Demo at Wayzata Beach with Wai Nani Surf and Paddle. Wai Nani Surf & Paddle owner Holly Evans is wearing the Ganset Swim Dress by Carve.

Amy Martin and daughter Milliana, Little Miss North Star Princess, outfitted by Sun & Slope for Sparkle Night 2015 at Twins Stadium